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The Hypnotist & The Hypnotherapist

So the question which I’ve been asked an uncountable number of times: “(What if) I can’t be hypnotised by a hypnotherapist?”
A hypnotherapist does not take the authority and control by hypnotising a person.
A hypnotist does that! This will have no therapeutic value whatsoever! Though it is considered entertaining!
Cassie, cured of hay fever through her hypnotherapy Work with me, in one of our video clips says so charmingly:
‘…. I thought is was like you see people on telly walking round making chicken noises and all these weird crazy things…. All the time that I was Working with Sally I felt fully in control……..’
Back in the mid 19th century Doctor James Braid became massively interested in what appeared to be an ‘off conscious’ state. He called the state hypnosis – later he tried to rename it psychophysiology. Hypnosis had stuck.
We all of us naturally go in and out of trance or hypnotic states many times a day, all by our selves. It will often feel like day dreaming, the: ‘…I was miles away……’ And when we feel ‘miles away’ we are, as Cassie says, in control.
Claire, on the same video clip as Cassie, also came to Work with me and cured her hay fever, describes ‘trance’ state with me as a: ‘….deep state of concentration….’
Therapeutic trance is experienced differently by everyone; therefore ‘deep concentration’ will not be common to everyone. Being in control will be common to everyone.
The ability to go into a therapeutic trance is common to everyone too.
In Therapeutic Trance we are giving the unconscious problem state the exact right attention that it needs is a totally safe way.
You can see more of my ex-clients whos agreed to film their thoughts on my You Tube Channel.
The symptom is not the problem!
So a symptom might be:
‘I get all nervous and panicky in front of lots of people. I cannot give a speech or perform in public’
The problem might be:
‘When I was younger I was told I was horribly noisy and stupid and if I didn’t be quiet I’d be in big trouble’

Milton H Erickson

The individual’s unconscious knows how to deconstruct this problem, not the Therapist!
Milton H. Erickson, was described as “one of the most influential psychotherapists of all time” in a survey by The Psychotherapy Networker (March 2006).
In psychotherapy Milton H. Erickson is ranked among the Top Ten along with Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and others.
Milton H. Erickson says it beautifully………
“He [Erickson] discovered that most of the “rules” of life prescribing human limitations were arbitrary beliefs, not facts. His study and mastery of hypnosis taught him that altered mental states and trance were very much a part of everyday functioning.
“This understanding,” wrote Ernest Rossi, “formed the underlying principles of his later studies of psychopathology as well as his development of the naturalistic and utilization approaches to therapeutic hypnosis.” Such insights were fundamental to Erickson’s approach, but he sought no definite theory to pass on as a legacy.
“Erickson has no set method,” Haley noted. “If one procedure doesn’t work, he tries others until one does. That’s what he emphasized to his students, advising a stance of heightened receptivity uncontaminated by formulaic preconceptions.”
Erickson put it this way: “I don’t attempt to structure my psychotherapy except in a vague, general way. And in that vague general way, the patient structures it… in accordance with his own needs… The first consideration in dealing with patients is to realize that each of them is an individual… So in dealing with people, you try not to fit them into your concept of what they should be… You should try to discover what their concept of themselves happens to be… It isn’t the amount of time. It isn’t the theory of therapy. It’s how you reach the personality by saying the right thing at the right time.”
Further words of wisdom from Erickson: “Trust your unconscious. It’s a very delightful way of living, a very delightful way of accomplishing things.” And: “Don’t try to use somebody else’s technique… Just discover your own.”
Section in italics is an excerpt from the book: The New Neuroscience of Psychotherapy, Therapeutic Hypnosis & Rehabilitation: A Creative Dialogue with Our Genes
By Ernest Lawrence Rossi Ph.D & Kathryn Lane Rossi Ph.D.

Let’s talk next time about Erickson’s words: ‘Trust your unconscious…..’
And I so hope that Erickson – and the Dr’s Rossi have inspired you……
Thinking of you warmly,
Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure
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