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Once Your Unconscious Thinks – You Can – You’re Right – You Can!

 So: let’s really ‘get on’ and attentively discuss; Paying the Right Attention to the Unconscious – from where we were last week with the: “I Can!”
You see: Your Unconscious Responses to your “I Can!” Are Unique to you – Unique to your vast, exclusive to you, life’s experiences.
The DSM* – cannot categorize your, mine, or anyone else’s ‘problem’ state accurately – because our Problem States ‘reside’ in our Unique Unconscious Mind. So it is up to us – to individually ‘explore’ our own inimitable Unconscious Responses. Which is what my Courses do, they guide you to take your Unique Steps across Your Page.

So: because in the past couple of weeks – Judith, Mike & I have felt, particularly, so ‘alive’ Buzzing with Buzz of Spring Life Flourishing – here where the Banks of the River Greta are drenched in colour, bird song, baby creatures springing alive – we want everyone to have that ‘Spring in their step’ to ‘Spring across the page’ we have taken 20% off all My Courses on CD & MP3 – Oh and soon to be on a Gorgeous Useful Flash Drive. That’s exciting – the new Flash Drives!

*DSM:(The Diagnostic & Statistical Manual – of psychological illnesses)

By the way, I am very respectful of the need & use of the DSM – to mental health professionals.

I’m at present in discussion with a GP – who is specializing in Mental Well Being with a special interest in ADHD. He became interested in me – because he said he liked my invitation to “Provocative tea parties!” Here is part of a mail I received from him today:

“Medicine now is done by protocol, and over reliance on rigid diagnostic categories. Too often these categories become a Procrustean Bed – and we find ourselves metaphorically amputating parts of our patients in a desperate attempt to make them fit into one of our protocols – just so we can have the comfort of being seen to practice “evidence based idiocy”……..”

And, he continues:

“So, my “off time hobby” has become throwing a few provocative tea parties of my own – in an attempt to stir up some original thought!”

Hope you find his mail – as strongly provocative, challenging, stimulating as I certainly do!

 I Only Use Affirmations to Check on Any – Possible – Unconscious Resistance!

 You see, once we’ve Noted the Resistance – then we can do something to Resolve it.

 It’s Serious Work – not Quick Fix – however it is Rapid – compared to the massive amount of time our Symptoms take up in our amazing lives.

 Affirm – out loud – again – ‘Your Beautiful Dream’ – And as you speak out loud – Note with Great care & attention your very next thoughts & feelings – which may be your ‘blocks’, your Unconscious resistance to successfully achieving your Beautiful Dream.

 Note the details of your own “I Can’t!” Make a list – there are likely to be more than one!

 We cannot Resolve our “I Can’t’(s)!” with positive affirmations or visualisations. We need to take each “I Can’t!” one at a time – and ask that Question: “Where could that – one – have come from?” Exploring it – and finally being able to de-construct it.
Email me if you get ‘stuck’ – sorry no pun intended! I’ll be delighted to email you back and help you.

 This extract from one of many emails I’ve received recently – I hope – will give you lots of inspiration:

 “Hi Sally:

 Forty days ago I started a” fabulous journey” with you to unravel a deeply entrenched problem with insomnia. I had sought treatment with a hypnotherapist here where I live and had listened to various other recordings but all were designed to be listened to just before going to bed. Although I don’t rely on this awareness as much as I should I do realize the potential of the unconscious mind. It was my feeling that I should address this problem through hypnosis during the day and not at bedtime. This lead me to youtube where I listened to your sample track to deal with insomnia. I slept soundly that very night.

 I have enjoyed the process you’ve taken me through and have had a great result. So good in fact that I have been using some of the techniques I’ve learned and applying them to another problem.

  I have so appreciated your stories.

  All the best to you Sally and thank you so much.”

 You can see the details of my Cure Insomnia Course here.

Thinking of You Warmly

Rapha Therapy System – ‘Cures that Endure’

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