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Top of the Tree……….

Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

It may seem I’m ‘blowing my own trumpet’ – from the
‘Top of My Tree’
by the way: the view ‘up here’ shows there are loads more of the ‘tree’ to be discovered!

As Coleridge said:
“…..He looked at his own soul with a telescope and what he thought to be all irregular shewed to be beautiful constellations and he brought into consciousness hidden worlds within worlds…….”

There’s a very real reason that I can say that I am ‘top of the tree’ which is my own “T PLUS One” experience.
Briefly this is my trauma that put me in T MINUS 1!
When I was 16 months old I was ill and admitted to a Children’s Hospital where I ‘clinically died’!
Thank goodness the hospital team did resuscitate me!!!!
My “T Minus One” was when I (unconsciously) froze time in the moments just before I died……
Only when I started to study psychology did I realise that I was still dissociating in the “T Minus One” moment.

There are reams and reams and text books galore, studies and academic papers written about dissociation, too dense for us to go there now.
The type of dissociation that I’m talking about here, that I and many others experience, is that I
‘lived in a world of my own’

Concentration was very hard for me. School reports would say: She does not pay attention….. !!
I would if I could have!
People would say: You’re miles away! You’re not listening to a word I say!
And statements like: “Oh ignore Sally, she lives in a world of her own….”
The best one I heard was: “Sally’s away picking daffodils on the moon!”
My ‘land mark’ therapy work with the late great David Grove in the mid 1980’s freed and shifted me from my “T Minus One” into “T Plus One” (“T Plus One” is time after Trauma – this therapy work which I’ve studied for over 30 years never goes through trauma).
So: you see I’ve known the terror and I know personally how we can be freed – and healed.
But equally important for me to know I am ‘at the Top of the Tree’ (with loads more tree to discover) is, when I was young, I had to learn to never, ever be deluded.
Dissociation and other problem states can leave us feeling or sometimes actually being deluded. So in dealing with important things, like my work, I have had to authenticate, prove, double check, cross check and verify.
I already had and already used this skill when I did my therapy work with David in the 1980’s, it’s a skill I will have and use for the rest of my life.
If you or a loved one has a problem I want to help you cure it: because I know personally that’s it’s a real ‘stink’ to be suffering.
For many years now I’ve been working on developing R.A.P.H.A therapy.
Resilient Amalgamation of Psycho-physical Healing Approaches.
I’d be delighted if you’d visit me on my page explaining RAPHA and let me know what you think. Your thoughts and ideas will be gratefully received.

Sally Stubbs
‘Cures that Endure’

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