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What causes Alopecia Areata?

I developed my Course – You Can Grow Your Own Hair after working for many years with people who had symptoms such as depression or anxiety, who also had Alopecia – and my work helped them to grow their hair back.

 I personally suffered alopecia Areata about eight years ago. This was horrific for me. I choose not to take medication but to work with my own strategies. My hair grew back, it is lush, and there has been no recurrence of loss. Since then other alopecia sufferers have successfully trialled my course, so I know that it works! 

 What causes alopecia?

 Basically alopecia sufferers will have experienced some kind of stress, shock, loss or crisis in their life. During this time in their life a ‘cocktail’ of stress response chemicals will be released into the blood stream and hair follicles will go into a resting phase or protective phase. This period can then last for up to three months or more, even though the stress or crisis may be over. Hair continues to drop out naturally during these three months or so, but there is no new growth. Growth and protective states in any communities of cells in our body are mutually incompatible. So, now there is added stress – and the chemical stress response will continue its cycle into the blood stream, as we become stressed by thinning hair. A vicious circle!

 My course You Can Grow Your Own Hair – is comprehensive – it assists the deeper levels of the unconscious mind to accept that the crisis or shock is over now. (There is a part of the mind that gets ‘stuck’ or frozen in the time of the shock or crisis). All that this part of mind deeply needs to know is: time has moved on. My course never ever takes a person ‘back’ to the shock.

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