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Derwentwater May 2013Let’s explore: Where are ‘You’?

So: let’s comfortably explore what I mean by:
I want us to just take this easy – and slowly – and not have too much information today, to be absorbed all at once.


Because what we are exploring now, is profound.
First – who is the ‘You’ referred to in my Question?
It is the ‘You’ who is the ‘lost fragment of your self’ .This ‘fragment’ of ‘you’ became ‘lost’, ‘stuck’ in time.
‘What on earth does that mean?’ – you might well be asking!
Let’s think of time moving onwards – from this moment to the next moment – and that any moment in time contains a vast amount of information – from the sights, sounds, smells, feelings of the outer environment to the thoughts & feelings of our inner ‘environment’ – the mind/brain is experiencing massive amounts of information – unconsciously in any given moment.

Let’s think that in the next moment, we perceive that a trauma, or crisis or catastrophe is about to occur, like this example:
‘I am aged 4 – I see my 6 year old brother has climbed to the top of a tree.
I hear the branch snapping…
I see him falling & falling……….’
The 4 year old me unconsciously stops time whilst he is falling – in an attempt to stop the next moment of awful, awful injury, or even death occurring to my brother.
The ‘fragment’ of the 4 year old me remains ‘stuck’ in that ‘frozen’ moment – she does not grow – and ‘her’ panic replays over & over & over again – an emotional ‘ground hog day’.
This moment is called and is located in “T MINUS ONE”
This ‘moment is frozen’ in an attempt to protect ‘me’ from the psychic onslaught of the pain of “T” – “T” being the worst time of “Trauma” or Crisis or Catastrophe.

50 years later – it is the ‘4 year old’ me who – on & off, depending on the circumstance of the environment – has continued for pretty much the entire 50 years to ‘faithfully’ replicate ‘panic’ – at let’s say certain snapping sounds or being high off the ground – cannot fly in a ‘plane – cannot stand near the edge of, for example, a cliff.
The 54 year old me has no real conscious idea that the ‘panic’ that has ‘haunted’ my life for as long as I can remember has anything to do with my 6 year old brother falling. I’ve avoided heights, and ‘plane travel – but sometimes even people eating panics me – I’ve no idea that some sounds of eating replicate the sound of a snapping tree branch.
Age 54 my husband is now getting frustrated – maybe annoyed, that I won’t, just can’t, fly anywhere with him, as he is longing to travel far & wide, so, I go and see a Therapist to resolve my ‘panic’.
The well meaning Therapist takes a case history of my life, my brother’s accident comes up – and so the Therapist regresses me through the accident.
And, after many Sessions, despite my hopes, I am still ‘panicked’ by heights, by the thought of flying and by certain snapping sounds.
Why doesn’t Regression to – through and re-living Trauma, Authentically Resolve symptoms (as in this example) such as panic, phobia of heights or phobia of certain snapping sounds?
Because the symptoms are not ‘born’ in the Trauma – they are ‘born’ in “T MINUS ONE” – and it is in “T MINUS ONE” – where the ‘lost fragment of you’ is to be found, to be healed and then to be Freed.
Maybe you’ll say that no such Trauma happened in your life – or in the life of someone you care dearly about (if perhaps you’re interest in reading my letter is for someone beloved to you).

Well, in which case, it’s also in “T MINUS ONE” – that that we find undifferentiated and unresolved negative self beliefs that ‘drive’ our debilitating symptoms.
It is in “T MINUS ONE” – that the ‘lost’ fragment of you – is faithfully replaying over & over & over again the symptoms that the present day ‘you’ ‘suffers’: the being frightened, the not saying “NO!”, the worrying and stressing, the putting your self down, nervous knotting and churning in the stomach….. the tossing and turning at night……. and so on.
“T MINUS ONE” is where my half an hour a day for 40 days RAPHA Therapy Courses  ‘go to’  to find, heal and Free – the ‘you’ – who became ‘stuck’ in that ‘emotional ground hog day’ of negative self beliefs or fear of the next moment.
I so hope that you’ve found “T MINUS ONE” profoundly interesting and hugely insightful.

Have a look at the video ‘Sally Explains T Minus One’ on my You Tube Chanel. It only takes around 6 minutes
More on “T Minus One” –  it’s a Huge Subject – and is the real key to Freeing Your Power Within……. next time…………..



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