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Who Do You Think You Are?

Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

What a Question Hey?
Let’s think about: YOU.
Pretty much Every word we use – to explain or describe, has an “imprint”, has made its “mark”, in our consciousness, which we can trace to its origin – and how we experienced any particular word – in any particular “imprinting” moments of our life, which produced an emotion to that word.
Words contain ‘worlds within’, and depending on the experience of when certain words were first learnt – the feelings we have will correspond.
None of us had a ‘You’ – when we were pre verbal – not until we learnt the language.
From well meaning others who had the skill of language we may well have learnt : “You – are so clever. You – are so beautiful. You – are a joy to be with. You- will have a Great life…………..” ‘You’ – grows with positive associations
OR: From others who verbally delivered: “I’m scolding You for your own good. I’m punishing You to make You good…….” ‘You’ grows – with bewilderment, confusion & uncertainty.
Here’s a clear Story to indicate our use of words, an important Story for us all:
Twenty years or so ago I was Working 1:1 with a Client, it was towards the end of the Session – when the ‘younger fragment’ of my Client said she was sitting on some bright velvet cushions. I began to stress she Enjoy the comfort of ‘bright velvet cushions’ – this was my totally inaccurate presumption.
The ‘bright velvet cushions’, was the environment where she had experienced a serious beating, perpetrated upon her when she was a child.
That was a defining lesson for me of the ‘hidden’ worlds within worlds of words.
Imagine my dismay when last year I heard a well experienced Therapist conducting a strategy called Guided Imagery, say to the Client: “There are velvet cushions and I want you to sink deeply relaxed into that safe comfort….”
These examples demonstrates clearly – how careful we sometimes need to be with our presumptions of what feelings another has ‘imprinted’ by words.
Even the word ‘Love’ we could presume for all of us will be ‘imprinted’ with good experience & emotion. What if the word ‘Love’ is associated with a painful experience? ‘I’m beating you because I love you……..’ then the ‘world’ of ‘Love’ can be most confusing.
Hence my deeply considered care of words on my RAPHA courses.
So how about I ask you – now or; later – you choose when – that you sit right down in your chair – and ask someone who you trust to ask you the Question: Who do You think You are?
Your ‘You’ will tell his or her Story – in a way that is safe and valuable to you on your journey – to Free & heal your ‘self’.
Email me your thoughts or questions privately I’ll be delighted to hear from you.
Journey well to Free your ‘self’………
Sally Stubbs
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