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Hi Everyone:

This is an odd experience for me! I’m sitting here about to write to you – and ‘blow me’ I actually don’t know where to begin!
Usually I wake up with a dream with a great (or whacky!!) idea of what you and I will discuss today.
Or, the idea will float into my mind from that amazing place called ‘nowhere’ – (It came ‘out of nowhere’ we often say – and nowhere weirdly is usually blue – it – just came ‘out the blue’!) which – as we know, ‘it’, the ideas, the information, does not, come from ‘blue nowhere’!
The ideas come from a very important (hopefully wise!) often weird and wonderful, certainly not explored enough by any of us, ‘place’ called – (dah dah…) – the unconscious mind!
Recently we discussed together that ‘in that place’ of our unconscious ‘resides’ the most efficient ‘butler’; we cannot imagine how efficient our ‘butler’ is.
But (there’s one of those rare ‘buts’ from me!) – we need to communicate with our ‘butler’.
By the way I think of the ‘butler’ as hermaphrodite – in a really great way.
What I mean by hermaphrodite is this: in a man or a woman, in a boy or a girl, their ‘butler’ is both male and female. Simplistically the male side knows exactly when to say ‘NO’ – and the female side knows exactly when to say ‘YES’.
For goodness sake our unconscious, your unconscious is thee greatest asset we’ve got.

 Let’s get communicating elegantly and efficiently with our unconscious, now!

Because, here’s the paradox, our unconscious drives our problems; however, the absolute truth is our unconscious has the solutions.
Friends and family can be really helpful with: ‘You want to sleep better, eat honey because bees are great at sleeping…!’ ‘You want too lose weight, eat grasshoppers….errrrr……… because grasshoppers are skinny!’
It’s kind of them to want to help, for sure, however, it’s our unconscious that has the solutions. And, if you don’t know how to really get started on communicating elegantly and efficiently with your unconscious have a go with one of my courses.
Once our unconscious really makes the change to a problem state for us, and resolves the problem, we keep the change – permanently.
Now here’s the thing, our ‘butler’ does not respond to being told what to do! Like some of the Muppet therapists work I’ve heard over and over again!
Which goes like this: ‘you’re so very relaxed – deeper and deeper relaxed you will stop over eating – you will stop sleeping badly – you’ll stop being stressed – you will stop being nervous – you will be so calm so confident……..’
This approach is Bull S**t!
Because our ‘butler’ has an exquisite language of its own: the language of puns, symbols, allegories metaphors – and primary processing language. The ‘butler’ does not respond to secondary processing language, that is, language which is ‘every day’.
Secondary processing language is structured according to external logic and expressed in grammar, syntax and has social context.
When we have a problem: I can’t sleep, I am stressed, I am fat, I am nervous….. our ‘butler’ can respond to the: Be Calm suggestions for a day a week a month. However, our ‘butler’ in our ‘home’ responded by shutting the door on an untidy noisy room – the untidy room is psycho active – and the noise and untidiness will once again eventually ‘spill out’.
The outstanding thing about my kind of Work is the right kind of unconscious language assists us to Work with our ‘butler’ and permanently tidy the untidy room……..
If you’re any kind of a Trekky? I have this grand hallucination that when Gene Rodenberry said:
‘To boldly go where no man has gone before….’
‘Man’s final frontier….’ he was talking about our unconscious!
And, I’ll just add I don’t think our unconscious is a ‘place’! I believe the unconscious has no boundaries apart, of course, from our morals and values. Our unconscious is quantum (for want of a better description) in that it is not bound by time or space.
So, my odd experience of sitting here, an hour ago, not knowing what we would be focused on discussing today is because my mind was absolutely buzzing. Consciously I thought we’d be discussing the great seminar I attended in Northampton last week on David Grove’s ground breaking Therapy Work, and I just did not know where I could possibly start with the ‘buzz’ of it all.
Just goes to show what the conscious mind knows!
Anyway, it’s a bit like this: When I write to you, I deeply know where I want to go; I know my goal, which is always that I want to give you something valuable and useful, interesting and inspiring. And some ‘out of the box’ ideas for thinking differently!
Here’s an anecdote that you may have heard from me before. My Dad, who is my hero, and I, landed at Dublin airport and jumped into a taxi. Dad gave the address of our hotel to the driver, and the driver quipped: “Well noow, if I were goin’ there I wouldn’t be startin’ from here!” (True story!)
And for me to give you something useful and important – for you – well, I didn’t start with the seminar on David’s Work!
Sit down quietly for a few minutes with your amazing ‘butler.

 Ask a simple question to which you want or need an answer……….. it’s an excellent place for you to start…………. Email me if you need some assistance to formulate your question.

 Questions are powerful. I’ll be delighted to help.
Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure

personal & private email:

017687 71377

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