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wildernessWhat is Your Wilderness? Where is Your Wilderness?
Traditionally ‘our wilderness’ is a place we go – to find the Hero within our self – and sort the ‘baggage’!

Historically and in our legends we literally ‘go off to the desert’ – we ‘climb to the top of the mountain’ – we ‘trudge the road less travelled’ to discover our self & find our ‘own redemption’

I do understand when loads of us say: “Who – ME! I ain’t got ‘’baggage’” Yet ‘millions’ of us can’t sleep – then we wake up feeling hopeless & down – feel nervousness – are frightened – don’t feel safe – cant’’ say “NO!” – worrying relentlessly – are stressed – and as for relationships ???

Relationships are my Huge Passion – to have Happy Harmonious Relations – with our ‘self’ first – then of course – others, is primary, up there in my mind & heart. I’m not naive here!! We can disagree with others – and have a Rant – all with the intention to create more Harmony.

A Modern Day Wilderness – to Resonate with You

“Aaron literally ‘went off into his wilderness’:

Here’s the beginning of his story, in his words, to really tantalize you:

“Shit! Some big part of me is on the run….
I collect the gear from the ‘van, pack it into a rucksack and lash it to the motor bikes pillion. I switch off the mobile and put it in the small compartment under the seat. I won’t need it where I’m going but I may as well have it.
I check the bike tyres are OK and ride north hard and fast into the forbidding winter’s night.
The weather is ominous and stormy, the roads slippery, treacherous in places, serious concentration required.
The wind cutting sharply against my leathers blows in my mind, stirring up the waters of a deep dark well, lifting ‘ghosts’ from the past up to the surface.
Lancelot: my imagined name for my bike (like I’m a bit of a knight – which I keep to myself!) carries me and my memories to a primitive, hauntingly beautiful place in the Highlands of Scotland, where the sky comes down to meet the curve of the earth; where cloud drifts in tendrils waist high and the landscape is wonderfully bare and austere.
I park up the bike.
I’d been on this deserted one track road a few years ago. I like to find different ways to ride back to my ‘van when I’ve been working in the North Sea.
I’d once camped overnight near here hoping to spot capercaille, a rare woodland grouse; the Highlands are the only place in the UK where you can see them.
I’m planning on finding the derelict farm building I used that time.
I’m going to need some kind of shelter tonight.
I hike seven or eight miles across the moor-land, horizontal rain at my back, my torch light a narrowing, frazzled bouncing path ahead of me. I am feeling calm. The kind of dead still calm that can precede a tumultuous storm.
My memory serves me right, I find the deserted building. The wooden door has parted from its hinges; most of the stone walls have collapsed. Part of the roof is sort of intact; it’s hanging like a limp sail clinging to a remaining corner of the walls, waiting for the gale force wind which will finally free it ~then take it off.
But bollocks to it, the bothy looks much the same as it did when I was here a few years back so I figure it will last the night out.
Accommodation choices are seriously limited now anyway!
Tough moor-land grasses grow tenaciously where people once lived. There’s nothing for miles. Nice.
I unpack my rucksack, collect some miraculously dry-ish wood from the old shattered door and roof joists and light a fire in the one sheltered corner.
I’ve had some food and a modest slug of Whiskey from the hip flask; that and the blaze are getting through to my bones. I’m still calm, but sharper in my head, no longer weary from the concentration of the ride and the hike in the pissing rain…….”

Find out what happens next – next week!

True Story! Taken from my soon to be published Amazing Book – “Frayed Edges…”

And in the meantime  – if you don’t have the transport or time to travel to your ‘wilderness’ to discover and find your ‘self’ – have a look at my ‘Have Harmonious Relationships – half an hour a day for 40 days. It’s a Fun journey (as Gary says) And you don’t even have to leave home!

Here’s to you finding your ‘self’.           

‘Cures that Endure’


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