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Sally Stubbs

A gift for you from Sally Stubbs


Happy New Year to you – and of course I know that you want to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions – or why would you have bothered making them!

This time of year generally finds us feeling ‘bloated’ one way or another with Christmas indulgencies or stress of it all or feuds with friends and family, or biting our nails or tearing our hair out! Then – we get a ‘down’ on ourselves, feeling low self esteem because we did not achieve our last New Years resolutions – or the years before – yeah we’ve been here before!

At the same time, we are trying to convince ourself that this year we will lose that dreaded added weight, or be calm no matter what, stop the smoking, feel great and comfortable in our own skin is really what we’re saying! What do we actually really need to achieve all of this, achieve what we want – to be happy, in our own skin? We need mind strength and inner resources and strength.

This has been a subject close to my heart since I went into full time practice in 1982, because until that time, I personally had dealt, with my own mind issues and struggled for many years: I was stressed, scared, yo-yoing weight, lack of self belief, disastrous relationships!

In 1982 – I knew – it was time to: do something different!

I used my learnt and developed therapeutic strategies for me! And I became and still am happy in ‘my own skin’

So here’s what I would like to do: I want to give you the gift of the chance to take control in the area of your life that you feel you need it: Weight, Stress, Self Confidence, Sleeping, Relationships, Smoking, Annoying Habits, Nervousness……

If you would like to do this, do something different, that will really make a difference, and you are prepared to commit half an hour of your time each day for forty days, then you’re with me.

My gift to you is one of my twelve Rapha Hypnosis Treatments on five CD’s or the same on MP3 download if you prefer.

I have three of each title to give away; there is nothing as good or effective available anywhere else to buy. I’ve been perfecting my Rapha Hypnosis audio treatments since 1990.

First come first served! But I won’t say Hurry! Take your time to think about it!

Chose either a Rapha curative hypnosis treatment CD set or a Rapha curative hypnosis treatment MP3 of your choice from my site:

All you need to do is either use the contact us icon on the home page  ( type in preferred CD/MP3 in subject box) or DM me via Twitter using @sallystubbs

After your forty days, I will then be asking the ‘winners’ to write a short review of how my Rapha hypnosis treatment worked for you. I’ll only need one or two lines from you. And like my clients who have given me their testimonial your identity will remain totally confidential, as theirs are.

Read all about me and what I can do to help you on

Watch client testamonials on YouTube – just type in Sally Stubbs!

I am looking forward to hearing from you – and good luck!



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