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Borrowdale from Castle Crag As promised – more on Aaron & his Wilderness.

Be warned, Aaron does swear quite a lot here! Which you’ll realise, when you read, is understandable in his situation. Aaron is aged 35 – he went off into ‘his Wilderness’ to sort out his problem. He’d recently fallen in love, though it did take him a while to admit it.

And the problem he needed to sort out is that whenever he got close to a woman he’d run ‘a million’ miles.

“I’ve woken up, because someone is screaming – very loudly.
Christ – It’s me!

Thoughts are floundering round in my bellowing brain. I’m trying to think normal.

What the fuck? My leg is buried under stone. Great lumps of stone and debris all over me and the sleeping bag.
Jeeze – the pain.
I Black out.

The gale force wind finally came, bringing down the last bit of roof and half the remaining walls, and I was asleep and now I’m underneath it.

I’m levering stone off me. Blacking out again.

Why the hell didn’t I book into some inviting wayside Inn!

Not a good time for self recrimination.

Slowly, slowly peel off the sleeping bag.
Easy, easy.
That was definitely me screaming. It’s a bad break, right across both ankle bones – and dislocation.

Can’t get help – left the damn mobile with the bike.

Definitely not a time for self recrimination.

Got the rest of the stones off me – taken hours.

Dug the rucksack out.

Pulled the biking boot over the break – That Was The Worst.
Can’t do the zip up on the boot.

Found my knife without too much of a horror show – yeah, thanks God for the help with the knife – that was mighty friendly of You.

Cut open the leg of the leather trousers. Pull ‘em over the boot. Cut a spare T shirt into strips. Made a couple of splints with bits of wood from the old broken up door and bind the splints to the leg.
Leather jacket on. Gloves on.

I’ll start crawling.

I’m crawling, dragging myself along the ground on my elbows. Need to get to the road, the bike. Get the ‘phone. Got the rucksack on my back – got food, knife, water, slug of Whiskey.
Hard ground frost.
Blacking out.
Crisp cold tunnels of rusty coloured frost crusted ferns. Heather beaten by the climate to a sharp, frazzled, unyielding frozen forest at the level of my eyes. Grouse flying up protesting loudly.
Hey birds, my mind whirls, for fucks sake – Tell someone I’m here.

I’m edging round rocks as big as removal vans.

The air I‘m trying to suck in feels rigid. Bastard – must have broken a rib or two.

The relentless sky howls at me – “You’re at the end of your line.” Not me mate, I don’t give up that easily.

How long have I been crawling across this moor-land? Four hours at a guess. What does the watch say? How many miles have I come in four hours? Not many. Not enough.

I could get pneumonia. Not good to get pneumonia.

My brain is doing weird shit things – it’s dicking around with me – I keep thinking I’m somewhere cosy. Must battle against the cosy stuff. What’s all that about? Fuck – could mean I’m starting to suffer from exposure.
Can’t have been out here long enough – can I? What did I learn about exposure and hypothermia on the paramedics’ courses?


Blacking out.

Cornea of the eyes may freeze. Body shutting down. Can be fatal. Boogafuckin’ loo, I could be dying.

Gotta think straight.

I’m gonna crawl back – get some kind of shelter from the remaining chunks of bothy wall. Light a fire. Can’t stay out in the open all night. Won’t make it to the road.
What’re my chances?
OK – Someone might see the fire. Anyone in their right minds won’t be out here on these isolated moorlands – in this weather! I doubt the fire will get spotted, not even hardy farmers get up here, they’ve got no reason. Farmers got more sense than my bollock brain has – to be out here.

So much for my ‘Wilderness plan’ sorting me & ‘my baggage’ out!”

True Story from my soon to be published Amazing Book “Frayed Edges……..”

And Aaron could have sorted his problem with my half an hour a day for 40 days Audio Therapy – on CD, MP3 download or flash drive Have Harmonious Relationships – in his own home!

Great Story though, even though the big question is: Does Aaron live?

Thinking of you Warmly – from the cosiness of our home……

Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy – ‘ Cures that Endure’

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