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CURE YOUR ANXIOUS NERVOUS STOMACH with Sally Stubbs & Rapha Therapy

CURE YOUR ANXIOUS NERVOUS STOMACH with Sally Stubbs & Rapha Therapy

A nervous stomach or dry throat are very common symptoms of anxiety which can drastically impair the ability to function and can be deeply distressing.

These uncomfortable feelings of nervousness can be triggered by driving, exams, interviews, public speaking and even social occasions.

This Rapha Therapy Audio Hypnosis is designed to access inner resources and strengths to enable sufferers to feel stable, calm, self assured, certain and comfortable.

Use it at home or in your office? Your choice of time and place. No travelling necessary!


Rapha™ Hypnosis - Cures that Endure!


The product consists of a boxed set of 15 tracks on five CD's or the option of exactly the same content as MP3 files which can be downloaded immediately from this site.

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Sound all too familiar?

  • Stomach starts churning in certain situations
  • Often anxious and nervous
  • Dry throat, unable to speak clearly
  • Feeling sick at the thought of a task
  • Constant butterflies

Do you want to be well and happy?

  • Be calm, stable, self assured
  • Composed and settled
  • In control
  • Know and feel calm in order to acheive 
  • Gain Inner Strength









Go for it!

Anything else you need to know?




Abolish Anxiety - Rapha™ Hypnosis Therapy

This treatment has been produced by leading expert clinical hypnotherapist and registered psychotherapist Sally Stubbs using  Rapha™ Therapeutic techniques.

It has been written and developed specifically to allow people to be freed from their debilitating nervous, upset stomach or dry throat.
It is not 'Fast Food Therapy' and will require some time (half an hour a day for 40 days) and effort from you so you are permanently free from your problem.

Surrounding the stomach is a vast network of nerves, sometimes called the solar plexus, medically called the celiac plexus, celiac meaning abdomen.
This vast network of nerves is of such complexity it is often called the second brain. Though very little is known about this complex area, science now recognises it as being independent of the brain.

In certain situations, such as crowded spaces, or tests and exams, our senses have informed our brain and nervous system that this ‘could be dangerous’, and simplistically our solar plexus ‘automatically’ responds, which results in the kind of upset, nervous stomach or nausea that you have experienced.

My Rapha Hypnosis Audio Course will assist you to access inner resources and strengths in such a way as for you to feel stable, calm, self assured, certain and comfortable no matter what is happening in your life.

The MP3 format can be downloaded from here Now

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Rapha Hypnosis; Cures that Endure!

Complete the audio course and we offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied


Watch this short video where Sally explains her methods for resolving your nervous stomach problem

Mike from Surrey: “It’s marvellous,  your audio course has worked! I could never ever have believed I would be able to give a speech or presentation at work. I used to be panicking in my stomach at the thought of it. Thanks to you I now give the best presentations”


Rapha Hypnosis Cures!
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