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"Hi I am Sally Stubbs:

I am here to answer any questions that you may have about the Rapha Therapy Treatments:

 Q: What is Rapha Hypnosis?
A: Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness which enables communication with the unconscious mind.

For more than a century we have held onto the belief that the unconscious mind will respond long term to direct suggestion (Ref: Dr. J. Braid, Freud).

Rapha Therapy techniques do not use direct suggestion because the unconscious mind will 'ultimately reject authoritarian commands' (Ref: Dr. M Erickson  Dr. E Rossi)

Rapha Therapy Cures Permanently: by guiding and assisting the unconscious to activate and empower an individuals own unique inner resources and inner strengths which have for whatever reason gone or become dormant.

Rapha Therapy is a journey of inner discovery to an individual's own solutions and resolutions to a problem.

Rapha Therapy  along with a multiplicity of other techniques, uses clinical hypnosis (also referred to as curative or therapeutic hypnosis). It is NOT stage hypnotism: that is to say it's purpose is to cure not manipulate.


Q: Is it safe?
A: Rapha Therapy is a caring and safe treatment.

Why can I categorically say that it is safe?

Because my strategies ensure that you feel validated at all times, that you feel and become strengthened and more resourceful and that you do not access uncomfortable or difficult memories.

My courses are structured as such that the unconscious will reject anything that conflicts with a person's morally sound values whilst constructive changes take place.

Q: Is it suitable for everyone?
A: YES: absolutely. If you suffer from a major mental health condition ( Bi-Polar disorder or Schizophrenia for example) you should notify your GP before beginning your Rapha Audio Course.

The strategies have primarily been developed for adults but there is no reason why (with the consent of their parent or guardian) children from age 7 upwards shouldn't use them.

Children can respond well and safely to resolve problems such as confidence and self esteem, difficulty with sleeping or being overweight.

Q: Can I listen to my course while driving?
A: NO. Most of the tracks are relaxing and may put you into a trance-like state -  a bit like day-dreaming. Consequently you must NOT drive or operate machinery of any kind whilst listening to the course.

Q: What happens if I actually fall asleep during my course?
A: It’s not a problem. Your unconscious mind will still be listening. However, I recommend you repeat the process whilst awake.  This will both reinforce the message and you will feel good too.

For Assignment Tracks 2, 4, 6, 8 - you should stay clearly focused and make your notes.

Q: How do your courses really work to help me?
A: They get right down to the source or root of how the problem first started then resolve and heal the cause.

They teach you how to access your dormant inner resources and strengths, enabling you to deconstruct the old destructive automatice ways of thinking, feeling and believing then discover new ways that serve you well.
Q: How does the rest of the course really work to resolve my problem?
A: I have studied some of the great minds in the research fields of psychology.

In particular the question: What do all successful people have in common?

They all have the following four things in common: which I have incorporated into my courses:-

1They know their Goal:

They know what they want and they know the reasons why they want it, in detail.

Assignment One on each course focuses entirely on you deeply discovering, knowing and accepting your own goal and the important reasons for you, to achieve it. None of us will ever change our behaviour without really good reasons.

2. They have the motivation to achieve their Goal:

Assignment Two on each course teaches you how to get thoroughly Motivated! The reasons and purposes to achieve any goal will assist driving your motivation.

3They Believe they will achieve their Goal:

There are no half measures with a belief. If only 90% of your self believes you can walk on fire - don’t try it – because you won’t do it and you’ll get burnt. (You can feel that 10% of you shuddering now!)

Assignment Three really gets into any negative thoughts you might be harbouring about your goal and guides you to deconstruct them.

At present they may not even be conscious beliefs for you, but could be deeply unconsciously learnt through your life. This assignment teaches you how to generate your full 100% belief in a positive and fulfilling way, so that you will successfully achieve your goal.

4. They picture their Goal as Already Achieved:

 Assignment Four  guides you to review your goal, your motivation and your new beliefs. It then takes you ahead in time, fully associating you with your stated goal from the wonderful place of being successful with the knowledge that your success will endure!

Q: Why forty days?
A: A good question, to which of course there is a very good, well-considered and logical answer. Briefly: the answer is because that’s how long it takes!  I have been writing my stories for over twenty years, learning and honing and refining, and I must add, being thrilled with the way that my treatments have evolved to the point that I can hand on heart say that they work, absolutely! Anyway, about ten years ago when I was in Singapore for a while, I was totally devoted to writing my courses, and the significance of forty days became apparent and I knew this was absolutely correct. Forty days is a life force. You want to turn your life around and get better. It takes forty days. After which your cure will last forever.


Q: Why do some of your courses, for example, You Can Grow Your Own Hair, take longer than the Forty Days?
A: Because we need to spend longer with work like this, that is generally considered to be totally a physical problem, and disconnected from the mind, to deconstruct deeply embedded negative belief systems.
I realised this, when, around eight years ago, I grew my own hair. And although friends and family know about my work, about my research and about my passion, when I told them that I had cured my hair loss with my strategies, a number of them did not believe me! So I realised that we are all up against deeply engrained negative belief systems about what we can, and more to the point, cannot achieve.
We only have to consider now the many, many hundreds of cases of people resolving their own cancer, after being given a terminal diagnosis. These cases are fact! Yet our negative belief systems are not allowing us to 100% believe, and not just believe we can do and accomplish so much, but to know that we can.

Any other questions?

If you have any other question, which I have not answered here, or if you would like an explanation expanding, please get in touch by using the form on thecontact us page. I want you to feel comfortable and reassured. I want you to find your cure and get well!

Best wishes

Sally Stubbs

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