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Habits are learnt behaviours which become an unconscious response, meaning, we rarely, consciously, know we’re doing it! 

Hair pulling, nail biting, knuckle and finger cracking, not listening, or interrupting others, there are so many habits which annoy our self and those around us. 

They are useless, serve no good purpose and are a waste of time and effort. 

Work compromised? Use this treatment as part of your Continued Professional Development Plan.

Complete the course and we offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied

Rapha™ Therapy: Cures that Endure

The product consists of 15 tracks on a boxed set of five CD's or exactly the same content as MP3 files which can be downloaded directly from this site.

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I Will :-

  • Assist
  • Enable
  • Guide
  • Coach

You to :-

  • Dispel negative self beliefs
  • Gain inner self mastery
  • Think more clearly
  • Have free choice
  • Access and release your own inner resources & strengths

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Stop Bad Habits with the Rapha™ Therapy Audio System

This Rapha™ Therapy Audio System has been produced for you by leading expert clinical hypnotherapist and registered psychotherapist Sally Stubbs using curative Rapha™ Therapy techniques.

Specifically written and produced to cure people of their annoying habits.

You can use it to log time in your Continued Professional Development Plan.

It includes a Will Power Generator. 

It is not Fast Food Therapy.... it will require some time and effort from you so you are permanently free from your Bad Habit.

Your bad habit can be un-learnt in only half an hour a day for 40 days with my Rapha Therapy Audio Course.

My course enables you to communicate directly and safely with your unconscious mind, empowering you to make the change and keep the change forever.

Our unconscious mind and then our brain do a fabulous thing for us, we learn quickly and we learn by repetition and then many, many tasks in life become unconscious, habituated. This fabulous facility of the unconscious mind and brain saves us all a phenomenal amount of time.

Driving is a good example! If you drive you will know that you no longer need to consciously think about mirror, brake, mirror, stop, look left, look right  you just ‘do it’.

You will no doubt have experienced familiar journeys thinking: “I don’t remember – the last ten, twenty miles….” Your driving just ‘happened’ as your unconscious mind took over the familiar journey. But your amazing brain is ever alert and vigilant for the traffic lights, pedestrians, a random dog not on a leash, and so on: So, habitual behaviours (habits) are very, very useful for all of us.

However, as you are visiting this page, I guess, like most of us, you have learnt certain habits which are negating your fulfilment in life and annoying you or others close to you?

Discoveries in the past few decades have found that learnt behaviour is not ‘hard wired’ in our unconscious mind and brain and can therefore be ‘unlearnt’ and therefore changed.

Research is showing that the nerves benefit greatly from reasonable stimulation, like learning something new.

So you change an old habit - you gain, you learn something new - you gain - literally from your nerve cells growing and benefiting.

You need to be motivated to make the changes you be motivated we all need a purpose.

Why? Why do you need to have motivation to kick your annoying habit?

The unconscious mind and brain learn faster and far more efficiently if we have motivation and a purpose to learn.

Purpose is what motivates all of us! Once we know the purpose in learning something new we are focusing on the good things to be experienced as a result of making the change.

The wonderful thing for you to understand is that human beings can change, we can all change and we have the freedom of choice to change for something that is good and better.


Lose Your Bad Habit the Rapha Therapy Way

The MP3 format can be downloaded from here Now 

Or click 'Add to Basket' on this page to receive the Five CD Boxed Set by post.

Rapha Audio Therapy; Cures that Endure!
Complete the audio course and we offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied


Check out this video of Sally explaining her system to 'Kick Annoying Habits'

Dorothy from Glasgow: “I was so thoroughly surprised that your kind of hypnosis is nothing like I thought. It gave me the control to resolve my horrid habit of pulling out my hair. Thank god I’ve stopped. Before doing your course, every day was a bad hair day for me!! I want to tell the world about your work”

Rapha Hypnosis Cures!
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