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Lisa from Edinburgh: I am very pleased your download course really worked for me.I lost nearly 4 stone in a year, which makes me feel marvellous!   I’ve gained so much, in confidence, self assurance, motivation with loads of energy..... I really love the new me!

Adam from Cumbria: 6 months ago a frightened child emailed you asking for help. Too afraid to eat a meal in public, too afraid to have days out with friends and loved ones. A future so bleak as to be likened to staring down the barrel of a gun.
Slowly the child grew in strength, and began to free himself of the shackles holding him within.
Now we have the child released from fear & servitude with the adult in his place. A dream of a man fallen into flames, and rising as a bird from said flames, to begin anew. The courage of the child which stills his fear as an adult.
Of the future?  Now I'm looking forward to my future ... no barrels pointing towards my eyes.

Louise from York: Sally's soothing voice is a delight to the ear:  positive changes happen effortlessly.

Client Ann-Marie sent this lovely email:  Forty days ago I started a 'fabulous journey' with you to unravel a deeply entrenched problem with insomnia.  I developed tinnitus 2 years ago and had not been sleeping properly since then. It was my feeling that I should address this problem through hypnosis during the day and not at bedtime. Your "Cure Insomnia" is amazing.

I slept soundly that very night.

I have enjoyed the process you've taken me through and have had a great result.  So good in fact that I have been using some of the techniques I've learned and applying them to the problem with tinnitus.

 All the best to you Sally and thank you so much.

  A recent email from a happy MP3 buyer:

Hello Sally,  It's only been 10 days but I have already seen a big difference, situations which used to make me angry don't anymore, it feels like my anger dial has been turned down low!

Driving my bus this week there were times when I did experience some road rage from other drivers but I responded in a totally different way and I have started to feel so much more relaxed now with loads more energy and I have started to interact with my family more too.

Plus, I'm communicating with my passengers better now without getting grumpy!

Liz Jones: Journalist:

I found Sally to be a lift raft when I was floundering, Endlessly wise, patient and kind. She never lets her clients feel anything other than safe, I felt I could tell her anything and for the first time that someone was on my side and I mattered.



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