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How Sally's Stories Work For You

"A man wanted to know about mind, not in nature, but in his private, large ‘computer’. He asked it: "Do you compute that you will ever think like a human being?” The machine then set to work to analyse its own computational habit. Finally, the machine printed its answer on a piece of paper, as such machines do. The man ran to get the answer and found, neatly typed, the words: THAT REMINDS ME OF A STORY."
Gregory Bateson: Mind and Nature.

All my stories are metaphorical.

Metaphors are stories with many levels of significance. When the story is elegantly told the conscious mind is distracted and the unconscious mind is stimulated into a search for meaning, for choices available, for solutions and resolutions and for inner resources and strengths. To create a successful metaphor, one that will point the way to resolving a problem, the relationships between the elements of the story need to be the same as the relationships between the elements of the problem. The metaphor will then resonate in the unconscious and mobilise the resources there. The unconscious gets the message and starts to make the necessary changes, in exactly the right way for you as a unique individual.

Back in the farthest memories of human existence, metaphor has been used as a means of changing ideas, behaviours, ways of being and to enable us to give up who we were so that we can become who we are. Philosophers, prophets and wise men have intuitively known the power of metaphor as a mechanism for affecting and resolving limiting problematical behaviour.

 My stories are enjoyable adventures in your inner world that can be seen, heard and felt uniquely by you, and that beautiful destination is not illusory but becomes a reality. And even more importantly will bring about for you the inner changes you desire.

Dr. Milton Erickson, who is considered the Master of Metaphor, said: “What you don’t realise is that most of your life is unconsciously determined.” The fabulous thing is the unconscious can and paradoxically wants to change. The change is accomplished most effectively and permanently when the focus influences unconscious patterns which include negative values, non productive beliefs and frames of reference which are obstructive to growth and freedom. This change will be the result of listening to my metaphorical stories.

The stories are told in such a way as to facilitate you to experience a light trance state or a state of relaxation. With positive expectations, in a light trance, you are unconsciously open to the messages and beneficial influences communicated in the story.

Telling stories follows an ancient tradition. Since time immemorial stories have been used as a way of conveying values and accessing inner abilities and resources. A straight suggestion or ‘preaching’ might be dismissed, but guidance and direction will become acceptable when embedded in a story that is intriguing, amusing and interesting.

My stories utilise many effective strategies including humour and interesting information.

Trance experienced as comfortable relaxation is the state in which learning and openness to change will occur. It does not refer to an induced somnolent state. You are not ‘put under’ by my story telling; you are not ‘out of control’, by my story telling. Trance is a natural state experience by everyone. Our most familiar experience of trance takes place when we day dream.

In light trance you are close to “Unconscious learning” – and less involved with thoughts and day to day issues. You may accept the suggestions in my stories with less critical sense, but if any of my suggestions conflict with your values, acceptance will not occur.

In helping you to enter a light trance I simply captivate your attention and direct you inwards, assisting you and guiding you on an inner search to explore and discover an inner response. Your response will be related to your needs and expectations. In order to achieve your response, therapeutic suggestions are interspersed in an interesting story.

The stories follow archetypal patterns as seen in legend and myths. My stories include the theme of a quest, the hero’s journey, your unconscious mind associates your quest, to resolve an inner problem or conflict, with the solutions and resolutions of the successful quest of the story.

Still, you might wonder how listening to a story, even in a light trance, or relaxed state, can help you permanently change, become more constructive and have self-reinforcing feelings and experiences.

What begins to happen is that the wisdom and benevolence of your unconscious mind will identify with one or more of the characters and heroes who deal successfully with difficult challenges, you will experience the character or heroes sense of accomplishment as your own and you become ‘transformed’. You will add to your memories the feeling of success and have the deep inner expectation of further success.

You will find emotional and intellectual sustenance in the stories.

The stories also help you to get in touch with your own unutilised knowledge and you begin to incorporate these forgotten and valuable learning into your every day behaviour in a way that will be good, productive and right for you. You, as a unique individual, are important, you can better yourself, and you have inimitable possibilities for growth. Your unconscious mind can be influenced by the positive input in the stories. The stories are optimistic and supportive of growth. The stories evoke new feelings and offer new experiences. The stories have a celebration of life philosophy, these views will reach you on many levels, and you will become deeply aware of new possibilities which you are free to accept or reject.

Many people who have heard my stories find themselves functioning with increased freedom and creativity. This obviously comes from inner psychological change. We can better understand these changes if we consider the stories and their characters as representing inner psychological structures. For example: parents in the stories can represent mentors, learned teachers and sources of love and support. And how you ‘parent’ yourself will become more and more supportive and respectful of yourself. Your inner ‘parenting’ voices will transform.

A child in the story can represent the ‘child within’, inexperienced, eager to learn but not knowing how, spontaneous but with a limited range of behaviours and responses. When you listen to the stories and identify with the child, the ‘child within’ you will begin to feel hopeful as you take in how the child in the story overcomes blockages to growth and freedom – so the ‘child within’ you will experience growth and freedom.

I wish you growth and freedom in a way that will be self-reinforcing of you.


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