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Let Sally Explain Happiness

            A very warm welcome to you.

 Isn’t it strange that we spend so much time focused on what is making us unhappy?  Really, what is this focusing on unhappiness all about, when we know the scientific research, we know the resulting statistics – happy optimistic people live longer healthier lives. As a direct result of their happiness, cheerful and optimism people have stronger immune systems, stronger hearts and stronger brains. Research shows what stops us being happy, no matter what is happening in our life’s situations, is we develop behaviours of worrying, anxiety, feeling stressed and being miserable. This is such a vicious circle.

When we worry or feel miserable we use up massive reserves of serotonin, and serotonin, simplistically, assists us to both feel in an ‘up state’ and to search for solutions to problems. When we feel stressed, anxious we are producing a cocktail of chemicals into our blood stream, adrenaline being one, and this cocktail is, simplistically taking blood and therefore oxygen away from our brain and into our muscles, so we can survive, ‘run or fight’ We do not need to take time to ‘think’ when we are in danger! Most of our problems, that we feel make us unhappy, are not life threatening.

In brief, my hypnotherapy course to enhance your happiness assists you to be ‘up’ to enable you to really solve problems, even when you’re thinking there is no solution. There always is a solution! If you don’t believe me perhaps you would be interested to read Gerry Coffee, “Beyond Survival” He survived imprisonment by the Viet Cong, by remaining ‘up beat’ even under threat of death. An awesome story.  However, prolonged states of unhappiness adversely affect our health, and create that vicious circle of feeling unhappier then more worried and more stressed.

I wish you joy with my course, and a long healthy happy life.

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