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Let Sally Explain Insomnia

Hi and a very warm welcome to you, thank you for reading this. So, one thing that I do know about you is that you would like to sleep well and healthily. And I guess you also want to feel more energised, vital and refreshed. That’s great, because one of the things we need in life to feel well mentally and physically is good sleep. Research seems to continue to come up with conflicting results as to how many hours of sleep we need? These results range from ten hours to four hours. You will know how many hours you need to feel healthy and have vitality.

My insomnia hynotherapy course will help you achieve healthy sleep and overcome the unwelcome sypmtoms that come with sleep deprivation. There is possibly a cause as to why your sleep patterns changed. Insomnia often occurs because you have learnt to worry, at a difficult time in your life. What can then happen is you continue to think round and round, going over worries as you try to sleep. Or, maybe you’ve had something that has caused you to have ‘sleepless nights’, maybe an unwell child or relative, so your mind and brain have ‘learnt’ sleepless patterns’

My insomnia therapy course assists you to ‘unlearn’ whatever it is that has been stopping you from sleeping well.

I wish you sleep well, feel your energy and vitality returned – and this will lead you to really knowing and experiencing your true potential…….

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