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Let Sally Explain Pregnancy

Hi and a very warm welcome, and thank you for reading what I have to say. I have had a firm belief for over twenty years, and that is, as long as you are healthy, and you have a healthy life style you can have a healthy, comfortable and happy pregnancy. So, if you have health problems already, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, autoimmune disorders, and kidney problems these will of course be being treated by your doctors.

So, if you’re healthy and you have a good healthy life style like the right exercise, the right kinds of foods, no smoking and so on, what can my course do for you, how can my course help you to be healthy and happy?

OK, my hypnotherapy course does an number of things for you. It will enable you to be optimistic and positive about your pregnancy and about your baby’s birth, the amazing thing about you being optimistic and positive is that your immune system is strengthened. (Check it out; this is hard core scientific research) My course also enables you to change any negative beliefs you have and have positive beliefs about wellness during your pregnancy. Releasing our selves from negative belief systems really does free us to experience our vast potential. And simplistically! It is natural to have a healthy pregnancy, nature intended health for us, and nature wants us to reproduce, healthily.

I wish your baby, when they are born, a very, very warm welcome……..and a happy life.

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