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Let Sally Explain You Can Grow Your Own Hair

Hi and a very warm welcome, thank you so much for reading what I have to say, particularly as you have probably searched, and searched for the right information for yourself about hair loss, thinning hair. I appreciate that there is so much information and research available for you to think about.

I wrote my hypnotherapy course for people who suffer with Alopecia, and personally I do know we suffer deeply because of our hair loss. Research does inform us that alopecia can have a number of causes, including emotional stress, emotional trauma and emotional crisis. In brief hair follicles go into a rest phase, or as Professor Bruce Lipton says, a protective phase. During this phase there is no growth and there continues to be loss of hair. Because the emotional stress, trauma or crisis of hair loss can maintain the rest phase, or protective phase, we are then experiencing a vicious circle. We lost our hair because of stress or trauma and now we experience more stress at our actual hair loss. Therefore there is continued lack of growth equalling feeling more stressed.

I wrote this therapy course You Can Grow Your Own Hair, for three main reasons. I will be brief; as I’m sure your time is precious. OK, first, over the years of working with clients, some of whom had thinning hair or hair loss, I noticed that a person presenting with symptoms such as depression or anxiety, that as we worked to resolve these symptoms, their hair would grow and flourish. Secondly, about eight years ago I personally suffered with Alopecia Areata, which involves a white blood cell attack on the hair follicles. So, I worked with my own therapeutic strategies and cured my Alopecia. My hair growth is vigorous, healthy and there has been no recurrence of loss. Thirdly, I worked with a young woman suffering Androgenetic Alopecia, and we cured her alopecia, she too now has vigorous hair growth. And so in the last few years I have worked on and developed this course. I’ve had several people ‘trial’ my course for me with truly successful results.

My hypnotherapeutic course for you enables you to stop the stress cycle, and re establish hair follicle growth. I wish you healthy hair growth and for you to Grow Your Own Way….. a very successful journey for you to realise your own amazing potential.

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