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The most successful way to lose weight. Sally Stubbs Rapha™ Therapy Audio System.


How do I know that my course will do this for you? Because of the many, many people who have worked with my course and their results of lasting success.

 I will teach you how to lose that excess weight - forever: by learning to have a completely different relationship with food!

Rapha Hypnosis Therapy:  Cures that Endure!

The product consists of a boxed set of 15 tracks on five CD's or the option of exactly the same content as MP3 files which can be downloaded immediately from this site.

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Is this familiar?

  • Is being Fat affecting your health?
  • Giving you low self-esteem?
  • Dieting is difficult
  • No will power?
  • Love/hate relationship with food?

Do you want to be well, slim and happy?

  • Get back into shape
  • Live your life to the full
  • Be in control
  • Be healthy
  • Be happy





Go for it!

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The Rapha™ Weight Loss System

This Rapha™ Audio Treatment will enable you to lose weight effortlessly, produced by psychotherapist Sally Stubbs using her curative Rapha Therapy techniques.
The Rapha Weight Loss Programme ensures you lose excess pounds by putting you in touch with that determined part of yourself that desires to be slim.
Outstanding motivation is vital to your success a part of the Rapha Hypnosis audio system is a mind expanding Will Power Generator!


We need that energy of motivation to say “NO…” to certain foods and “NO…” to certain amounts of food. 


Rapha Therapy is not a diet! Diets do not work, a proven fact!  My course supports and enables you to make those deep inner changes.

       Enjoy your food..... it will become as effortless and automatic as brushing your teeth every day.


Complete my audio weight loss system and you will permanently change your relationship with food and free yourself from struggling with extra weight.


You will create a happy, healthy, sexy, slim body the exact right weight and size for you.
We are so confident in our system we offer an unconditional money back guarantee.

The MP3 format can be downloaded from here Now

Or click 'Add to Basket' on this page to receive the Five CD Boxed Set by post

Rapha Hypnosis; Cures that Endure!


This podcast is an explanation of how Sally Stubbs uses Rapha Hypnosis to enable you to change your relationship with food

Sally has developed this Rapha audio treatment to help you with your over weight problem using exactly the same techniques.

Caroline from Cumbria: “It’s three years now since I did your Hypnosis lose weight on download, and I’ve maintained my weight loss of nearly 2 stone. I am now in control & I love my food! Thank you”



Rapha Hypnosis Cures!
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