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Sally Stubbs

Hi from Sally!

Thank you for registering to become a member of

Whether you have already decided to treat yourself to one of my very effective Rapha Hypnosis Therapy audio programmes or whether this will be your very next step, you have made a positive decision by joining my site.

Rapha Hypnosis Therapy provides you with a cure that endures. My audio programmes.. available on either CD or MP3  work with you to cure your problem and the cure becomes a permanent one.

If you have already purchased your preferred course, please rest assured that you are in safe hands. My audio programme talks to your unconscious mind. This is both relaxing and restorative. Please read the information provided on how to get the most out of your programme before you begin and then go ahead. Your resolution starts here!

If you need any help with selecting the right programme for you then please do not hesitate to contact me direct on

Kind wishes

Sally Stubbs: Rapha Hypnotherapy
Rapha Hypnosis

 Cures that Endure.

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