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Mind relaxation is the first step before our body can ever really consistently relax.

Think about it! The scary, worried, fearful thoughts in our minds come first, and then our body responds with tension and a cocktail of stress activated chemicals.

As long as fearful mind thoughts carry on and on, the body will remain tense and alert, ready to run or have a fight!

Our minds relax in different ways depending on what is happening in our life. Hence I have produced six different Rapha Hypnosis techniques, to teach you how to relax your mind.

Enjoy being calm, stable, clear thinking no matter what your experiences. 

This is not one of my full 5 CD courses.

The two CD's contain 6 different tracks to assist your mind to relax for differing occasions.

The same content may be downloaded from this site immediately as MP3 files.



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Available options

  1. A TOUCHING RELAXATION for when your mind needs to ‘touch upon and get hold of’ something new and different
  2. A SURRENDERING RELAXATION for when your mind needs to give up fighting for while and rest and refresh
  3. AN EXPANSIVE RELAXATION for when your mind needs to explore your potential beyond imposed boundaries
  4. A GROWING RELAXATION for when your mind needs to attend to and grow the seeds of your new and positive ideas
  5. A HEALING RELAXATION for when your mind needs to heal properly and move on from emotional wounds
  6. A CALMING RELAXATION for when your mind is letting you know that it needs to be calm and quiet, for a while.


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Useful information regarding this sound-byte sample

Please read the following before you listen to this clip:
You will enjoy listening to the sample but it won’t make complete sense to your conscious mind. It’s not meant to!
My audio treatments are directed at communicating elegantly with the wisdom, strengths, resources and vast healing potential of your unconscious mind.
Because, simply speaking, the problem that you want to resolve is unconsciously driven, because your conscious mind clearly does not want the problem!
The language of the unconscious has very different resonances to our conscious language. The paradox is, although your problem is unconsciously driven, it is your unconscious mind that can access the resolutions for you ...

6 Different Ways to Relax the Mind

When your head is buzzing with all your many plans, ideas, schemes, concerns, confusions, worries…… You can use one of my six different mind relaxation techniques to clear your head, think calmly and your body will respond and relax.
Your body will never, ever relax when your mind is in a whirl of uncertainties and doubts or when your mind is just too busy.
Our minds are amazing, we can think faster than the speed of light, that’s very fast for our body to deal with! And our minds need to relax in many different ways even during just one day of life.


Rapha™ Hypnosis: Cures that Endure


A have a look at this short video of an ex client discussing his experiences of his work with Sally.

Trevor: -  “A year ago my life was falling apart. I was consumed with worries, and not sleeping; I felt my mind was really weak. Now, thanks to your CD’s my mind is really strong and focused. Your mind relaxations techniques have been a life changing experience for me.”


Rapha Hypnosis Cures!
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