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Y        To resolve your stress response to certain situations and experiences in life, this course will lead you to be happier, stronger, more resourceful and most importantly, healthier.

Our modern day experiences are rarely these days actually life threatening.

And yet we have learnt to be drenched throughout our body in a biological chemical cocktail which originally was meant for our survival, to either fight the tiger or run from it like the wind!

My Rapha Hypnosis Audio System will enable you to change your automatic stress response no matter your life circumstances.

It is designed to enable and empower you to think differently and therefore to react calmly and strongly.

This course is eligible for use in your Continued Professional Development Plan.

Rapha™ Hypnosis; Cures that Endure!

The Course consists of 15 tracks on five CD's or exactly the same content as MP3 files which may be downloaded directly from this site.

Complete the audio course and we offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied

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'Scoff'', an ex-client discusses his

Rapha Therapy experiences

Is This Familiar?

  • I’m exhausted
  • Short fuse and feel about to snap
  • Sex life is diminishing
  • Never enough time to get things done
  • Massive effort to concentrate; frightened mistakes will occur
  • Drawn face looking back at me in the mirror


Do you want Positive Health, be Stress Free?

  • Have abundant energy
  • Feel calm and strong no matter what
  • Have enough adrenaline to go go go and also have a great sex life
  • Accomplish in a few hours what has been taking ‘forever’
  • Have clear accurate positive thinking
  • Use in your Continued Professional Development Plan


Go for it!

Anything else you need to know?



Solutions to Stress

 Rapha Hypnosis Therapy has been produced by leading expert clinical hypnotherapist and registered psychotherapist Sally Stubbs using curative Rapha™ Hypnosis techniques. It has been written and developed specifically to Resolve Stress responses.
Simplistically we feel stressed when we believe that we are unable to cope.
My Rapha™ Therapy Audio System gives you the ability to discover your own inner resources to be eminently capable.
 The ability to choose and change your state is one of the most useful and valuable tools to have and you will be able to know that you have changed the focus of control over your state, from outside of you, like work, driving, shopping, to inside you.

Researchers view stress as the psychological perception of certain situations as being too demanding, harmful, threatening or even dangerous, which then results in a physiological response.

When stress goes beyond what we believe is our ability to cope, we become physically distressed.

Here is a short list of physiological results of stress experiences:

  • Fatigue
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Ischemic heart disease
  • Skin diseases such as psoriasis 
  • Palpitations

So, it truly is important to learn new responses in our times of perceived stress, to ensure health in the amazing systems and organs of our bodies. 

Stress for you is likely to be intermittent throughout your day, it is liable that it is triggered, or anchored into something that happens in your environment which then sets off an internal thought process.


Because perceptions of stress vary from person to person, my course will enable you to access very different perceptions and perspectives, appropriate to you, - to your stress triggers.


You can do this safely, comfortably and appropriately because your stress situations or events are not actually dangerous, but are perceived as such.


I wish you every joy, success and satisfaction in discovering on my course your own unique permanent resolutions and to free your inner resources and strengths, new ways of thinking and responding.



The MP3 format can be downloaded from here now


Rapha Hypnosis; Cures that Endure!


This podcast is an example of how Sally Stubbs uses Rapha Hypnosis to resolve Stress issues that have previously adversely affected someone's life.

Sally has developed this Rapha Hypnosis audio treatment to relieve Stress using exactly the same techniques.

Jon “I was so stressed at work, at my wits end, doing your CD course has been the best thing for me.  Now I pace myself, I’m calm, I feel strong, and I get better results at work than before. Wonderful?”

Rapha Hypnosis Cures!
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