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You want to RESOLVE YOUR ANGER and I am really glad you do.

Whether you internalise your anger, against yourself, through inner harsh dialogues:- “I am horrible, a waste of time, a failure...”or you project it outwards:- 'kick the cat’ or raise your voice to others... my Audio Therapy System will help, no matter your age or your circumstances.

       This Rapha™ Therapy Audio Treatment is designed to enable you to remove              anger from your life and become a calmer and more content person.

          Eligible for use in your Continued Professional Development Plan.


The System consists of 15 Tracks in a boxed set of 5 CD's or exactly the same content as MP3 files which can be downloaded directly from this site.


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Is this familiar?

  • Feel as if I could burst with anger
  • Friends and acquaintances are wary
  • Unable to control my temper
  • Aggressive when I'm angry
  • Often fly into a rage

You can turn it round and be happy?

  • Regain your self-respect and dignity
  • Take charge of your emotions
  • Be happier
  • Be nice to know
  • Stop feeling irate
  • Communicate in a good way
  • Use in your CPD Plan


Go for it!

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Don't Manage Your Anger - Transform it!

Whether you sometimes feel your anger is justified and reasonable, it is possible that you have come to this page because there are times when you feel your anger is not justified or not reasonable and appropriate and is therefore causing you some difficulties, distress, concern such as guilt or fears. 


One of the problems of experiencing recurring bouts of anger can be the Physical recurrence of the “Fight or Flight” response.


Because we cannot ‘fight’ off our aroused emotions such as anger, nor can we take ‘Flight’, that is run away from our own anger our physical system is often flooded with a cocktail of chemicals such as Cortisol, Epinephrine and Norepinephrine which our body cannot readily ‘burn off’. 


Another problem of experiencing recurring bouts of anger can be Psychological and Emotional distress which can interfere with, for example, learning and concentration, productivity, enjoyment of life, harmonious relationships, a fulfilled sex life, healthy digestion, and healthy periods of rest and sleep. All of which can lead to further emotional difficulties such as self doubt, shame or guilt, self blame or inappropriate blame of others. 


Anger can lead to aggressive behaviour which is either externalised, that is projected outward onto a handy human or handy objects, or the aggression is internalised and projected inwards into you.  – the consequent internal experiences can be physically, psychologically and emotionally really damaging to you. 


My Rapha Therapy course guides you towards learning new and more productive behaviours so that you will be able to assert yourself comfortably and calmly in those situations which have been triggering your anger. 




 Download the MP3 format of End Anger from here now. 


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Rapha Hypnosis: Cures that Endure! Money back guarantee.


This podcast is an example of how Sally Stubbs uses Rapha Hypnosis to resolve Anger issues that have previously adversely affected someone's life.

Sally has developed this Rapha Hypnosis audio treatment to End Anger using exactly the same techniques.

Ruby from Cardiff: “I believed for years that it was OK for me to kick off, like it was my right, because I’d had loads of bad things happen in my life. I couldn’t see the point in being calm! Then my partner of nearly 5 years said he was leaving me if I didn’t do something about my anger! Thanks Sally, after your wonderful course I have calmness every day! I also want to thank you for saving my relationship".

Rapha Hypnosis Cures!
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