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Steven Pinder

Steven Pinder - Actor

Issues - Chroninc Insomnia

It's a revolutionary thing: Insomnia is a very broad spectrum, I seemed to go in and out of it. In normal times I would wake up two or three times in the night, about 3am I’d go downstairs, have a drink, go back to bed; read something and then I would be fine.The truth is that I probably had two bad nights out of three, but sometimes I'd have a bad week and then I'd get half way through the day and realise just how tired I really was.

I found out about Sally through a mutual friend.  She came to see me while I was on tour in a Noel Coward play and I had a couple of sessions with her, then I used her "Cure Insomnia" course  – I have a pretty busy work schedule but  I could easily fit it in around my working day.

Generally speaking, the way Sally tackled it, being in charge of your own thoughts and not letting your thoughts take control of you.

What Sally has done is taught me not to worry about things in the night. If you have worries, why, all of a sudden, would you start to worry about them at night? Why not worry about things tomorrow?

I am really pleased to confirm that Sally's course has worked for me and definitely improved my life!

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