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The first time I looked into Sally's work was to cure chronic morning sickness in my first pregnancy using a course of Sally's Therapeutic CDs. My terrible constant nausea and sickness totally disappeared which was absolutely wonderful. The great thing about the CDs were that they were accessible at any time of day. 

 Lou - Durham


I have been incredibly fortunate to have benefited substantially from the most up to the minute Hypnotherapy skills of Sally Stubbs who, in my opinion is one of the few “Elite” in the field of Hypnotherapy in the country.

I have personally benefited substantially from her extremely gentle and respectful way of practicing her totally professional skills on her CD's.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Sally Stubbs to anyone who is battling with a personal problem".

● Ed. Northumberland


I am extremely grateful to you for helping me through a very dark time in my life.

Your understanding of the human psyche and the processes that direct our decisions and actions enlightened me and guided me to finding right where I thought all was wrong.

In short, all in the garden is beautiful once again, and thanks to your guidance I know how to keep it that way.

Martin - Singapore


“I worked with Sally Stubbs Course with depression, lack of confidence and low self esteem. After 1 week I made surprising inroads into the above.

My depression was at an all time low, but now I feel more confident in myself, and my self esteem is certainly a lot higher.  I rarely ever get depressed.  So a big thank you to her and may I say how truly wonderful she is.”

● Beryl – Norfolk


Sally’s knowledge of her subject, her care for her clients and her total professionalism are beyond question.  She is a rock to which one can cling to in times of need and I have total belief in the power of the healing which she can generate.  I have recommended and continue to recommend her CD's  to all who express the need for help.

● Pat – Cumbria



Your efforts to stop my smoking; the occasions you have brought me relief from emotional pain; the relief from physical pain your words brought when I could not bear to move out of my chair. These are just some examples of why I continue to be grateful to you and for your skills. Thank you for what you have brought to my life.

 ● Lesley – Birmingham


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