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The Significance of 40 Days

I recommend taking approximately half an hour a day for forty days to complete your course - absolutely no time at all considering how long it takes to develop a problem plus the alternative is a life-time of unnecessary suffering.

 What you need is a permanent cure which takes takes time... approximately forty days!

Rapha Hypnosis is all about getting the healing messasge through to your unconscious mind that will enable you to ditch your demons - forever!

                          Rapha Hypnosis - Cures that Endure!


 In Jungian terms forty days has a deep meaning with the collective unconscious.

          Forty is a Life Force

Instantly it also came to me how deeply unconsciously we will connect with the number forty. It takes forty days from conception to a foetus becoming fully formed, the forty weeks of an entire pregnancy from conception to birth. So, from the conception of a need and a want to resolve a problem we can psychologically and emotionally give birth to our own ‘new life’, and celebrate our ‘new life’ flourishing in forty days.

Then there is Noah’s Ark, it rained for forty days and forty nights, so, what could that mean to you emotionally and psychologically? Salvation can mean recovery, or escape in forty days from a problem state.

Some Buddhist traditions: After forty days the Buddha attained enlightenment.

In Hebrew tradition A simple understanding of the Torah is that Moses spent forty days in Heaven to receive the Torah.

Islam: It is traditional to spend forty days in mourning in many Islamic cultures. Muhammad was forty years old when he first received the revelation delivered by Gabriel.

Hinduism: Like other great religions Hinduism has specific rituals for honouring their deceased, depending on the community, traditionally there are forty days of ritual, after which the grieving family reintegrate with their society.

Some Russian cultures believe the spirit of the dead linger at the site of their death for forty days, and the spirit will be honoured for those forty days.

Ancient Egyptian culture: Forg Yuugioh – after forty Days suffering will be removed. Egyptians also recognised the period of forty days of preparation for journeying into a new life.


It makes good sense!

Start your half an hour a day for forty days treatment now, cure your problem and achieve your goal.

All you need is a little fortitude - and YOU have got it!

If you have a fascinating forty story, we would love to hear from you.

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